• Moja Faith.

    Less Fear.

    Fear is a natural instinct, but courage is learned.

    Moja knows fear, and thankfully, he has a loving lioness mother to teach him to look to the Lord for help at all times.


    The message in Moja and the Lion is Psalms 118:9:


    "The LORD is with me, I will not fear."



    A Message That Resonates...


    "So this morning Raices wakes up and says, 'The Lord is with me, I will not fear,' and as Ray was leaving for work this morning he said, 'Daddy have a good day. The Lord is with you, you will not fear.'


    I told you he loves Moja and The Lion! Thank you!"

  • Moja and the Lion

    Hear the story!

    Mojoa and the Lion Read-Along

    From the My Busy Bees and Me homeschooling vlog.

  • It all started with A Shoe....

    In 2015, Callico Press published its first children's book, A Day in the Life of a Shoe.

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    A Day in the Life of a Shoe
    A Day in the Life of a Shoe
    A Day in the Life of a Shoe tells the story of Elizabeth Eckford’s first
    day at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas-from the perspective of a shoe Elizabeth wore that day.

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    Moja and the Lion
    Moja and the Lion
    In this story about courage, trust, and faith, Moja the prideless lion cub must learn to overcome his fear! 

    Ages 3-6
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