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    Our motto is, "Encouraging faith and learning through truth and inspiration," and we publish thoughtful books that encourage readers to understand their value and worth and to recognize the value and worth of others. At Callico Press, we don't just tell stories, we speak life!

    Moja and the Lion book cover

    Theme: Overcoming fear by trusting God

    Moja is a pride-less lion cub that lives with his mother in Kenya. Together, they navigate life without the protection of a pride. Mother teaches Moja how to be brave, and soon, Moja's courage is tested.

    A Day in the Life of a Shoe book cover

    Themes: Facing adversity with courage; Empathy

    A Day in the Life of a Shoe shares the story of The Little Rock Nine, as told from the perspective of a shoe worn by Elizabeth Eckford on her first day at Central High School. With charm and unexpected insight, the shoe recalls her memories of September 4, 1957.